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My Story

I’m a football coach that writes books. I also write my own website copy.

Over the last decade, I’ve coached AFL Team Canada while simultaneously working in corporate sector. This unique set of circumstances has given me a front row seat to observe the similarities and differences between high-performing teams, and low-performing teams.

These observations, coupled with my own ideas on team dynamics, bubbled to the surface in December 2017, when I released my first book, Where Others Won’t, which argues that people should be at the centre of your organizational strategy. I was fortunate that my contention was supported by supremely talented team builders like Joe Dumars (Detroit Pistons), Ralph Krueger (Southampton FC) and Ted Sundquist (Denver Broncos), who all agreed to be interviewed for the book.

Now, this has become my obsession. I spend my days speaking to executives, coaches and athletes from across the world of pro sports and translating their best ideas into business-speak.

Let me take you into the inner sanctum of the sports teams who have created sustained success to find how your business can capitalize on their team dynamics and talent optimization secrets.

- Cody

In The Media

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I speak to business and sporting groups about topics including:

  • Team Dynamics

  • Talent Optimization

  • Leadership Theory

  • Millennials

  • The Future of Work

Unlike other speakers, I do not have a ‘standard’ talk.

I believe each team is unique and deserves a customized conversation around their specific challenges. This not only helps me get better, but it helps you to get maximum impact.


February 26: Hiring Success (San Francisco)

March 2: Leaders In Sport (Las Vegas)

March 6: Dx3 Canada (Toronto)

April 4: Acetech BC Summit (Whistler)

Where Others Won’t


In the corporate world, we're fast realizing that people are our largest source of competitive advantage. The problem is, all of our systems and structures are set up for products, services and technology to give us an edge over our rivals.

But whether it's recruitment, leadership, culture or high-performance, professional sports has been quality-testing people strategies for decades, and now contains a treasure trove of ideas for you to harness.

Through in-depth interviews and meticulous research, Where Others Won't dives deeper than ever before into professional sports from around the world.

You'll hear first-hand accounts from executives, coaches and players, including Southampton president Ralph Krueger, former Detroit Pistons president Joe Dumars, former Denver Broncos general manager Ted Sundquist, Utah Jazz coach Igor Kokoskov, former Green Bay Packer Na'il Diggs, former Sunderland and Burnley captain Steven Caldwell, former Richmond leader Daniel Jackson, NCAA soccer coach Gary Curneen, and Paris St-Germain defender Ashley Lawrence.

Are you willing to look where others won't?

Select Praise

This is a well-structured handbook, and it can certainly be picked up anytime (it can be your secret that you learned so much from one book).
— Amazon Review
Lots of interesting stories that highlight ideas and lessons from elite performance sports, providing inspiration to enhance your business practices. One for repeated reference.
— Amazon Review
One of the best books I’ve read. Royle draws fantastic parallels between sports and business with a very relevant theme focusing on people innovation.
— Amazon Review
A pick-up-any-time style of writing, WOW (great acronym as well) was a really enjoyable read that opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and innovating that was practical to my world - it will do the same for you!
— Amazon Review

Where Others Won’t Podcast

The Where Others Won’t Podcast is a continuation of the book, and brings together thinkers and practitioners from academia, sports and business to dissect how teams really work. A mixture of panel discussions and one-on-one interviews, each themed episode is designed to bring you new ideas that can help your team gain a competitive advantage.

Guests include:

  • Adam Grant - Host of WorkLife + Author of Originals, Give and Take, and Option B (with Sheryl Sandberg)

  • Joe Dumars - Basketball Hall of Fame + 3 x NBA champion (player and executive) with the Detroit Pistons

  • Claude Silver - Vaynermedia’s Chief Heart Officer

  • Patty McCord - Former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix

  • Angela Ruggiero - Olympic Gold Medalist, Hockey Hall of Famer + Co-Founder of Sports Innovation Lab

  • Pádraig Smith - General Manager of the Colorado Rapids

  • James Kerr - Author of Legacy: What the All Blacks Can Teach Us About the Business of Life

  • Whitney Johnson - Author of Disrupt Yourself and Build an A-Team

  • Steven Caldwell - Former Captain of Burnley, Sunderland and Toronto FC

  • Paul Roos - Premiership Coach of the Sydney Swans

  • Garry Ridge - CEO of WD-40 Company